FloWare ZDRC

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PCB Editor performs design rule checks (DRC) only in x- and y- direction. But some designers require clearance checks along the Z-axis. This is useful for applications which have to meet safety and explosion requirements. The FloWare module Z-DRC will present a graphical DRC with markers and indication of the overlapping area.Z-DRC has the ability to limit the check to objects of interest (e.g. net classes or individual nets) as well as the ability to perform checks based on database constraints or on individual values.

FloWare ZDRC



  • Distance mesurements in the z-axis
  • The measurements can be limited to the relevant objects (better performance), e.g. on net classes or individual nets
  • The distance values ​​to be actioned can be freely defined, or existing constraints are selected
  • Errors are displayed graphically
  • ZDRC report
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