Enovia Allegro Integration

ENOVIA Engineering Central provides unified processes and a collaboration platform for a number of interdisciplinary tasks in the field of product development. With standardized workflows employees can securely exchange information and data in companies across departments or with suppliers.

With increasing miniaturization and globalization, the need to exchange data with other departments increases. With electronically organized design and business processes, in which the data is managed centrally, there is for all team members only one source of information (single source of truth). For all team members the relevant data are available at the same time and in the same version. Through company-specific, structured processes the communication between  eCAD, mCAD, embedded software development and the departments or suppliers involved in the production process is simplified.


ENOVIA Cadence integration makes it possible to manage information on library parts, bills of materials, versions of design data in a central database. With check IN and check OUT the data can be controlled by access privileges, can be passed to the users and be disabled to other users according to changes. These functions can be controlled in the surface of Cadence Allegro via a separate menu "ENOVIA integration".

ENOVIA Engineering Central provides with its solutions for design and business processes enormous competitive advantage such as:

  • Improved communication and cooperation in global teams with internal and external resources
  • Component and bill of materials management through central libraries for electrical and mechanical components and embedded software
  • Global product development and change processes that provide the right information to the right users at the right time 
  • Synchronization of "Work-in-Progress" from CATIA and other mCAD software and its 3D visualization
  • Reporting functions tailored to specific requirements, such as eBOM management
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