BQR is an enterprise whose origins are in stress consulting. Over the years BQR has written own software to be able to make prediction faster and in greater detail about the reliability and quality of eletrical an mechanical systems. 

Due to increasing demand, BQR has decided to make accessible its internal tools for the public. Based on decades of experience in the military and aerospace sector the tools got enhanced with the exigences for industrial an consumer products. 

Meanwhile BQR is a leading provider of RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safty) and ILS (integrated Logistics Support) - Software Tools. Customers throughout the world are successfully using the BQR product families:


  • CARE for MTBF
  • CARE for FMEA
  • CARE for RBD
  • CARE for FTA
  • fiXtress detects overloaded components in relation to their current load
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