Allegro PCB Workbench

In the EDA-PLM solution created by Cadence and MatrixOne a best-in-class PLM system has been developed with three additional modules:
  • PCB Design Workbench
  • PCB Library Workbench
  • PCB Collaboration Workbench

The modules PCB Collaboration Workbench, PCB Design Workbench and PCB Library Workbench cover the different tasks in the PCB design flow.

Via the infrastructure of the whole PLM system it is possible to connect these modules to the other business processes such as mechanics development, sourcing, ERP, marketing etc., and to synchronize them.

 Allegro PCB Workbench

What is PLM?
PLM Product Lifecycle Management is the first available option of a holistic view on the development, manufacturing and product placement of the products of an enterprise.

PLM integrates all incoming product data - from the primary eCAD and mCAD designs to the Bills of Materials (BOMs) to all product related data and documents crossing the complete value chain.

These data are integrated in the complete businnes-critical processes of the internal and external teams, who are necessary to develope a product and to place it finally on the market. 

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