Sigrity SPEED2000

Sigrity SPEED2000 technology is the first and only commercially available tool for performing transient simulation of an entire IC package and/or board design. These simulations can incorporate IBIS models. SPEED2000 combines circuit and transmission line simulations with a fast, special-purpose full-wave electromagnetic field solver that computes dynamic interactions within IC package and board structures.

Unique to SPEED2000 is its ability to perform a broad range of signal integrity/power integrity (SI/PI) studies in a single step. SPEED2000 identifies package and board resonance and radiation harmonics, and it can be used to analyze interconnect discontinuities. SPEED2000 is designed for use with popular chip-package-board design flows.

Sigrity SPEED2000



  • Performs time domain analysis to confirm that designs meet specified targets
  • Understands complex voltage noise propagation including return path discontinuities
  • Simulates simultaneous switching noise (SSN) and identifies improvement options
  • Assesses various decoupling capacitor implementations
  • Determines the impact of variations in stack-up, plane geometries, and I/O configurations
  • Identifies package and board resonance and radiation harmonics
  • Observes where noise is generated, identifies how it propagates, and determines if it stays within targeted levels
  • Provides streamlined workflows for layout-based DDR SSN simulation and layout-based electrical performance checks
  • Generates effective pre-layout guidelines and understands the impact of variances as the design progresses


  • First and only commercially available transient simulation environment for package/board signal and power integrity
  • Single-step environment for comprehensive assessments without the need for model building
  • Direct time domain observation and confirmation of system performance to confirm specs are met
  • Superior accuracy enabled by advanced meshing and a combination of solvers to account for transmission line, circuit, and field effects
  • Fast what-if scenario support to assess targeted design improvements
  • Accurate handling of complex 3D structures such as wirebonds and vias
  • Flexible 2D and 3D results visualization options including waveforms and virtual walk-through
  • Unique electromagnetic control (EMC) simulation solution with support for designs with non-linear drivers and receivers
  • Optimized for flows with Cadence® SiP Layout, Allegro® Package Designer, and Allegro PCB Designer
  • Readily used in Mentor, Zuken, and Altium flows, accepting a mix of CAD databases where needed for multi-structure design support


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