Before Cadece has taken Sigrity, the products were offered as stand alone solutions for the PCB layout software from Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Zuken. For Cadence users this technology has been combined into deeper integrated products and is now offered as scalable Allegro Sigrity solution. But the stand alone products still remain and are available for Allegro and OrCAD users, as well as SI and PI simulation solution for user of Mentor Graphics and Zuken. The Sigrity products are basically divided into two categories: on the one hand the analysis of the power supply system (Power Integrity) and on the other hand the signal integrity considering the fluctuations of the current and voltage supply.



Power Integrity (PI)

The Cadence Power Integrity solutions which base on Sigrity technology offer sign-off quality for AC and DC power analyses. 


Sigrity PowerDC

PowerDC is a solution for an efficient DC analysis in sign-off quality with an electrical and thermal co-simulation on the circuit board. IR Drop and current hotspots can be quickly detected in the design data. The software automatically detects the best measurement points (best sense location dedection).
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Sigrity PowerSI

PowerSI is a software for simulation and analysis of complex requirements in the field of signal integrity, powre integrity and EMC, based on design data. It supports an S-parameter extraction and an exact simulation in the frequency domain for entire circuit boards or IC packages.
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Sigrity OptimizePI

OptimzerPI operates a largely automated analysis of the desing data in the frequency domain. In doing so pre- and post-layout studies of the decoupling capacitors can be done. With their results discontinuities of the supply impedance can be detected and placements of the capasitors can be proposed. Also an analysis of an already routed design is possible which proposes enhanced combinations of capasitors in view of electrical values and costs.
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Power-Aware Signal Integrity (SI)

Signal integrity analyses without considering the fluctuations of current and voltage supply lead to false results, which show better results than they appear in real. The Sigrity signal integrity analysis respects the local running currents while circuit switching of the integrated circuits (IC). The results have reliable sing-off quality for circuit boards and IC packages. In analyses with signals of higher than 1 GHz, the signal lines as well as the correspondent supply system with the back current have to be considered.

Sigrity SPEED2000

SPEED2000 is a complete tool for the electromagnetic simulation in the time domain for analyses of signal integrity, power integrity and EMC, based on design data. SPEED2000 supports advanced layout analyses and debugging.
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Sigrity SystemSI

SystemSI is a comprehensive tool for the automated analysis of high speed signal routes in entire systems (chip to chip). This suites particularly for designs with serial link interfaces and parallel busses.
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Model Converter

In the simulation of complex structures the accuracy and processing speed stands and falls with the quality of simulation models. The computing power on simulators is different for description of the coherences as S-paremeter model or als RLCG replacement schematic in SPICE format. Sigrity offers converters form one model description to another on which the quality remains, but by the changed model description the computing time can be vastly reduced.

Sigrity Broadband SPICE

This is a combination of S-parameter analyses, tuning and extraction options to convert n-port network parameters into SPICE compatible circuits. These models can be used in the time domaine in SPICE simulations.
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Sigrity Transistor-to-behavioral Model Conversion (T2B)

Using this tool transistor models can be converted in behavioral models in a way that they are applicable for Simultaneous Switching Output (SSO) and other analyses. These models can be simulated significantly faster as the original transistor models at equal quality.
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Overview of the Allegro Sigrity Products:


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