Design Migration

If you want to switch from an external system to the PCB products OrCAD or Allegro from Cadence, we offer ways of migration for the following systems:
  • Mentor IntegraStation
  • Mentor PADs
  • Mentor Supermax
  • Mentor Expedition
  • Mentor BoardStation
  • Zuken Cades_g
  • Zuken Visula
  • Zuken CadStar
  • Zuken CR-5000
  • Altium Protel
  • Altium PCad
  • Altium Designer
  • weitere auf Anfrage

The migration ways are different, because the sorts to describe symbols and footprints are different in many systems and the design rules can not be identically implemented. Within the Allegro platform is a data upward compatibility, which means that also 20 year old designs can be brought up to date in the tool without loosing data information.
This upward compatibility is particularly important when customers are obliged to hold available design data for several years.  

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