XJTAG XJAnalyser

XJAnalyser analyses and debugs in real-time components of your JTAG chain. By setting of pin values and signal tracking a pcb can be debugged even under BGAs. XJAnalyser analysiert und debugged in real–time Bauteile in Ihrer JTAG–Kette. Durch Setzen von Pinwerten und Signalverfolgung kann eine Leiterplatte sogar unter BGAs debugged werden.

XY Analyser

With XJAnalyser also in-system programs can be created which base on SVF / STAPL / JAM data. Track the signal in a certain net as with an oscilloscope. To do this, put a connection to an alternate level and then examine different test points. If you move to another connection you know instantly if it is connected to the network or not.


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