VisualCAM is the highest expansion level. So VisualCAM has a particularly fast HyperNETLIST algorythm to prepare netlists for comparison. VisualCAM generates an independant netlist from Gerber data which can be compared in a second step with the netlist outpout from the eCAD tool. Given that the netlist prepared from the Gerber data considers also the manufacturing actions, it is possible to clearly identify via the differences possible open spaces or short circuits in the films. While such production-related error in the CAM tool can be solved, however the better way is to correct respectively the cause in the eCAD system to avoid also in the future the error with a repeated data output. In the CAM software you also create the depaneling when several boards with identic layer structure are manufactured in one design step. Here you position the individual modules and set fiducials for the pick-and-place machines. VisualCAM stands out because of the wide range of new technology on favorable terms. It fulfills the ideal present and future needs for the PCB design, production and assembly. In contrast to the increasingly prominent GerbTool product line VisualCAM establishes itself as a solid and intelligent CAM software solution with features such as:


  • CrossProbe to Allegro/OrCAD
  • New HyperNETLIST generation with unique performance 
  • Direct support for ODB++, ODB++ XML, and IPC-2581
  • Additional support for pick-and-place machines with automated reverse engineering for assembling

These are only some of the new possibilities and the directly supported data base formats from VisualCAM. In addition there are many more improvements for existing technologies. The combination of this technologie together with attractiv prices, the easy handling and the minimum training effort guarantees a fast amortisation.

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