WISE IPC 2581 Viewer

The IPC was founded at the "Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits" to standardize processes and data formats of the electronic development. With the directive IPC 2581 a gremium of EDA manufacturers, pcb manufacturers and assemblers agreed on a data format for data exchange. Wise offers a free viewer for IPC 2581 formatted data.

WISE IPC2581 Viewer


Feature Highlights:

  • Visualize – Set Visibility and Color of Layers, Pads, Traces, Drills and Nets
  • Inspect – Use hierarchical data Navigator, interactive inspection tools and usage reports
  • Measure – Point to Point, Edge to Edge, Center to Center
  • Markup – Annotate with Mark-up Text to easily communicate issues/instructions
  • Print – To any standard Windows printer device
  • Save – To a compact WISE database for further inspection

Ask for the free IPC 2581 Viewer here.

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