GerbTool is a robust suite of PCB CAM tooling and analysis software. From basic visual verification to powerful Design Rules Checks (DRC) and Design For Manufacture (DFM) analysis, GerbTool provides all the functions you need to ensure the production of high-quality PCBs while reducing cycle times and time-to-market.

Below is a general comparison between VisualCAM and GerbTool bundles.

  • GT-Viewer
  • GT-Communicator
  • GT-Inspector
  • GT-Designer
  • VisualCAM
  VisualCAM GerbTool
  Production Design Review
Features VisualCAM Designer Inspector Communicator Viewer
Information X X X X X
Import X X X X X
Export X X X X  
IPC-2581 Import/Export X X X X  
ODB++ Import/Export X X X X  
Modification X X X X  
Redline Mark-Up X X X X  
Marco/Scripting X X X    
Optimization X X X    
Quoting Information X X X    
Design Rules Checking (DRC) with Autocorrect X X X    
Netlist Import, Export, Compare X X Opt.    
Integrated NC-Drill Editor X X      
Panelization (Basic) X X      
Auto-Dimensioning X X      
Mask Generation, Optimization X X      
Design for Fabrication DFF with Autocorrect X Opt. Opt.    
Embedded Passive Analysis X Opt. Opt.    
DirectCAM Import X Opt. Opt.    
PADS ASCII Import X Opt. Opt. Opt. Opt.
Integrated NC-Mill Editor X Opt. N/A N/A N/A
Panelization (Advanced) X Opt. N/A N/A N/A
Assembly Reverse Engineering Opt.        
Bare-Board Test Fixturing X        

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