PSpice Designer Lite

The scalable PSpice simulation platform enables with the version PSpice Designer Lite free introduction in an efficiant simulation environment. This is ideal for students and professional students as well, who are using one of the noumerious learning-tutorials or just want to simulate and design themselves simple circuits, from the schematic to the finished PCB layout.

OrCAD PCB Designer Lite


Technical Details

  • Version 17.2-2016
  • Free
  • Unlimited time
  • For internal education and students

Capture CIS Limits:

  • 75 nets
  • 60 components
  • 1000 components in the CIS data base
  • Max. 100 pins per component

New enhanced PCB Limits:

  • 50 componants
  • 100 nets
  • OrCAD Starter Library

Enhanced PSpice Limits:

  • 75 Knots
  • 20 Transistors
  • 10 Transmission lines
  •   4 coupled lines

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