PSpice Simulation

Even experienced electronics design engineers can not really predict the behavior of electrical circuits. Therefore, circuits, or only critical circuit components are analyzed, either by physically built prototypes and subsequent measurements or by circuit simulations.The trend goes clearly to virtual mesurements, because the developement cycles are becoming shorter and with simulations it is possible to give very realtime informations which correlate with measurements. Since many years PSpice won through as reference simulator and most of the component manufacturers offer PSpice simulation models in the internet. 


Based on a schematic, that is designed for the PCB layout, a simulation can be started. The user adds, if so, a current source or a defined stimulus and points of measurements to the schematic. This methode is similar to a physical test preparation with function generator and oscilloscope. 

PSpice Funktionalität

But PSpice is much more flexible as the measurement on prototypes, because by a mouse click the component parameters can be modified or complete series of different components can be compared in a simulation, without buying or desoldering any samples.
The simulation enables the developer to test also the component tolerances by an extensive experimental serie and to predict with a so called worst-case analyisis the quality of the circuit during the run production.

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