SPECCTRA Autorouter

SPECCTRA is the most used product for automatic pcb routing. Its shape based routing technology can be added to most pcb tools on the market like OrCAD and Allegro. As well it can be used as a standalone tool.

SPECCTRA Autorouter

Basic features

  • limited to 6 signal layer, unlimited pins and nets
  • Shape or grid based routing technology
  • SMD fanout
  • Line width support for nets and netclasses
  • Staggert Pin Support
  • 45° routing
  • Interactiv search for Vias
  • Interactiv Routing with Push and Shove technology
  • Interactiv Floorplanning
  • Automatic Placement
  • Online Design Rule Check (DRC)
  • Flip, Rotate, Align, Push and Move of components
  • Density Analysis


256 (256 Layers)

  • 256 signal layer limit

AD (Advanced)

  • Layer set rules and routing support
  • Signals on specific layers
  • Width and clearances rules by layer
  • Via rules by net and/or net class
  • Crosstalk violation report
  • Trace length violation report
  • Blind and buried vias support
  • Via under SMD Pad checking
  • Automatic wire bonding
  • Plural vias
  • Stacked vias
  • Enhanced via fanout

DF (Design For Manufacturing)

  • Automatic trace spreading
  • Automatic via reduction
  • Automatic miter 90 to 45
  • Automatic test point generation
  • test point specific clearance rules

MV (Micro-stacked-via)

  • Stacked via (by Matsushita)

HP (High Performance)

  • Minimum, maximum and matched length rules
  • Crosstalk controls on same and adjacent layers
  • Virtual pins, which can be moved during autorouting
  • Parallelism controlled by length and gap
  • Differential pair routing
  • Automatic net shielding
  • Design rules by area
  • Online display of length tolerance
  • Global violation indicator
  • Automatic single net routing
  • Multiple net/bus routing 
  • Relativ delay rules
  • Z-Axis delay supoprt (PCB Editor Integration) 
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