OrCAD Signal Explorer

Cadence OrCAD Signal Explorer supports developers referring to signal integrity across all developement period. At the beginning there are often conceptional analysis to define which data signaling rates should be used. Then real componants are added in the schematic and simulation design specifications created, respectively verified and then assigned as design rules in the design data for the layout. With Signal Explorer topologies and schedule concepts can be tried without needing to create a real prototype. The virtuel measurement answers to the subsequent real measurements, the measurement results can be correlated.

The easy handling and the integration in PCB Editor, enables in the layout with just one mouse click, to start a simulation of a signal and to control thereby the specifications. 

 OrCAD Signal Explorer


Technical Highlights

  • Prelayout and Postlayout Analysis
  • Crosstalk Simulation
  • Device Modeling
  • IBIS Support (until version 5.0)
  • Lossy Transmission Lines
  • Consideration of Skin Effect and Dieletric Losses
  • Via Modeling


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