OrCAD PCB Designer Standard

The news software OrCAD PCB Designer Standard offers at a very reasonnable price of CHF 3250.00 (incl. 1 year maintenance) the entry into the professional PCB design. The PCB software already consists of the schema module OrCAD Capture and OrCAD PCB Editor with integrated Constraint Manager. In the Constraint Manager you can easily define design rules for DFM, net distances, net classes and Same-Net-Spacing which are verified online in real time. The program supports an unlimited data base with blind and buried vias, dynamic copper surfaces and an interactif router with Push & Shove technologie.

The scalable OrCAD – Allegro PCB platform offers the user an investment protection, because it is possible to upgrade to high-capacity Allegro licenses, in case of increasing technical requirements, based on the same data base.

Technical Details

  • Unlimited Database (256 Layer)
  • Customizable, Automated Drill Legend / NC Output
  • Via-in-Pad Rules, Blind / Buried Via Support
  • Stacked Via Edit & Move
  • Dynamic Shapes with Real-Time Plowing & Healing
  • 2-D Dynamic Drafting and Dimensioning
  • DFM DRCs (exposedcopper, slivers, pastemask, etc.)
  • Push & Shove
  • SKILL(programming language) Runtime, Macro, & Scripting Support
  • Interfaces -DXF, IDF, IFF, Gerber 274X, 274D, ODB++
  • Manual Testprep (testpoint generation & reuse)
  • Snap Functions (precise drafting of lines /shapes)
  • SameNetClearance DRC Support
  • Single-sided Design Jumper Support
  • Constraint Manager (physical, spacing, properties, and DRC)
  • Technology file import & export

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