OrCAD PCB Designer Professional

PCB Designer Professional is the powerful stage of expansion of the OrCAD PCB Design platform. In addition to all functions which are already included in the standard version, this version supports the definition of differential signals and interactif routing, wiht the possibility to define extensive design rules in Constraint Manager. Using the function "place replicate" similar circuit elements can be recognized in the schema, with the help of the netlist structure and the modules as well as the routing informations can be dublicated easily. The relevant componants of the modules are assigned automatically.  

This license includes also a complete work station for the simulation of signal integrity. In a pre-layout-analysis you can simulate the signal behavior in the virutal space without needing a schema or layout, by the easy combination of transmission lines. Based on the results it is easy to create your own design rules, to verify predetermined design rules or to try out alternatives in What-If scenarios.
After placing a schema in Capture and the design rules in Constraint Manager, the implementation is able to verify online the rules in PCB Editor. In OrCAD PCB Editor so called post-layout simulations which are based on the layout can be realized. Here the real line lenghts, vias and the layer structure are included in the accurate simulation.

The scalable OrCAD – Allegro PCB platform offers the user an investment protection, then in case of increasing technical requirements and based on the same data base, it is possible to upgrade to performant Allegro licenses.

Technical Details

  • Same functions as OrCAD PCB Designer Standard plus:
  • Differential Pair Routing and Design rule Support
  • Placement / Circuit Replication
  • Blind / Buried Via Stacking, Split, & Merge Support
  • 6 signal layer auto router
  • Interactive Delay Tuning (single and differential signals)
  • Automatic TestPrep (testpoint generation & reuse)
  • ConstraintRegions / Differential Pairs Region Constraints

Signal Integrity:

  • Pre-& Post-route signal integrity analysis
  • Graphical topology definition and exploration
  • Interactive waveform viewer
  • DML, IBIS5.0, IBISICM, Spectre-to-DML, HSPICE-to-IBIS
  • Lossy transmission lines
  • Coupled (3 net) simulation
  • Differential pair exploration and simulation

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