inspectAR PCB Overlay Viewer

inspectAR is a smart PCB viewer that displays the physical PCB together with the design data as an augmented reality overlay. All common PCB design programs such as Cadence Allegro, OrCAD, Siemens, Altium or Zuken can output design data in IPC-2581 format. These are then read into inspectAR. The real circuit board is recorded via a webcam, mobile phone or tablet. The software recognises the dimensions of the PCB and matches the coordinates with the design. Then the information about pins, nets and components can be shown as an overlay to the design data. On the screen you can see the photo statically or dynamically as a video stream the combination of the PCB with the functionality of the circuit diagram. This view saves a lot of time when bringing up prototypes, during troubleshooting and repair or in quality assurance.
inspectAR PCB Overlay Viewer

Interactive selection on the screen shows which component it is. With another click, the data sheet of the component can be displayed. The routing for nets is displayed over all used layers in the layout. This gives the viewer a quick overview of which components are connected. With this augmented reality viewer, PCBs can be inspected, analysed, debugged and revised. Several people can access the data in a project at the same time and collaborate or leave comments. When the PCB is rotated or flipped in the video stream, the virtually superimposed data and routing follow the coordinates on the PCB.


  • Instantly locate any net, component, or layer
  • View part information & datasheets
  • Easy to work together: comment, tag team mates, link to BOM
  • Create test and rework instructions
  • Draw & mark screenshots

Free trial

Use inspectAR free of charge with full functionality. The free trial version is available for all common operating systems (Windows, iOS or Android). If you do not have a PCB at hand, a printed photo is also sufficient (available here as a pdf).

After the trial period has expired, access is automatically switched to the mobile version (inspectAR Free) with restricted use.

Free trial


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