OrCAD Capture CIS

OrCAD Capture CIS can be directely connected via an ODBC interface with relational databases and database management systems. Therefore the research in the component browser expands for metadata such as price or PDF datasheet. In doing so data of the connected data bases is accessed. Part numbers, EOL informations or second source informations can be centrally managed and displayed via the connectivity in Capture CIS.

Online-Database connectivity 


If you don't have a PLM system across the group, FlowCAD can offer you with the CAD-FlowManager also smaller solutions, respectively PLM adapters.  


Assembly Variants Design

OrCAD Capture CIS

Based on a circuit board it is possible to create with assembly variants different devices for different stages of extensions respectively various clients. The variants can consists in the assembly of a componant with another value. Same componants with different values are marked green in the example. Using CIS Option the bill of material can vary by omitting or additional assembling of componants. These componants are marked red in the example. So it is possible to create, based on a schematic, bills of material and variants of the circuit diagram. That followed variable assembling drawins can be output in PCB Editor.


Enhanced Componant Browser

OrCAD Capture CIS

CIS Option has an enhanced componant browser that allows the user to select componants parameterized. The componant library can also be synchronized via an ODBC interface with a database (e.g. ERP) in the company. This is usefull if for example the availibility and the price of componants are not administered by the development department but by another department in the enterprise. In doing so informations about discontinued or non enabled componants can be considered already with de design of the circuit.

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