OrCAD Capture

The schematic module OrCAD Capture is one of the worldwide most common software for capturing and documentation of electrical circuits. Exceptional is how easy and intuitiv design intentions are collected. OrCAD Capture uses flat or hierarchical schematics. Via the navigation window the different sides of the schematic can precisely selected and managed by subjects.

Using Part Browser the schematic symbols are selected from the library with the aid of filters and placed in the schematic. Between the associated componant pins the electric connections (nets) can be made quickly. On hierachic structured designs identical electric nets are connected via multi page ports or defined as global nets.

Options are defined in the schematic editor and edited later as assembly options with different bills of material for each option. That way it is possible to create a device in OrCAD Capture with only one curcuit board by different assembly with varied features. If there are used programmed componants in the circuit, you can capture the pin contents and signals of  FPGAs of various manufacturers. There is also a design methodology supported which embeds the Vendor tools of the FPGA manufacturers for place and route of programmable componants. Modifications in the logic can be imported in the schematic without any problems. OrCAD Capture is also the module for circuit entries of PSpice netlists for simulation of analogic and mixed signal circuits.

For designs that consist of programmable componants (e.g. FPGAs), an ECO–Flow (Engineering Change Order) is supported which synchronizes different operatings in the FPGA tool, the schematic and the PCB Editor by forward und backward annotation. Via CIS Option you can place schematic symbols and data sheets from online data bases directely into the schematic. CIS Option offers also the possibility to take componant informations from an in-house data base.

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