OrCAD PCB Design Flow

The OrCAD PCB products from Cadence Design Systems offer a professional PCB layout solution at a very reasonable initial price. The PCB eCAD software is scalable as required and upgradable on the same data base also to the Allegro product family. The design flow of the OrCAD product line consists of several coordinated modules to cover technical useful product requirements. As distinctive features are shown the automation level and the complexity of the managed design rules.

Following basic modules are already available with OrCAD PCB Designer:

  • OrCAD Capture
  • OrCAD PCB Editor
  • Constraint Manager
  • OrCAD Signal Explorer

All basic modules are combined into one license, so that the user always has access to all needed functions for the design of a circuit. 

Many advanced features are available as additional options for the OrCAD PCB Design Flow.

Your investment is protected even if your circuit needs to get more complex. the data base of the OrCAD PCB Design Flow is identical to the advanced data base of the Allegro PCB Design Flow. Therefore it is possible to change to a tool chain with more features – by means of a simple license upgrade  – without the need to convert data.

All modules of the OrCAD product family are enhanced in vue of efficency, ergonomics and "Ease of Use". That means that all tools can be learnd quickly and the features be used intuitivly also by users, who work with the tool only rarely or for the first time. On the other hand  the modules are designed in a way that a user who is often or permanentely working with the software, gets the goal very efficently. The goal is, that the user is in the position to realize his idea as fast and safe as possible to create a printed circuit.

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