Nextra Multi Design

The NEXTRA Multi Design module enables the creation of module designs that consist of several individual NEXTRA PCB designs. The functionality allows the modification of the individual PCB designs in the context of the module design.

Nextra Multi Design

The NEXTRA Multi Design Modul is used where several PCB designs has to be merged into one total design. Typical application cases are motherboards of a computer unit and expansion boards that are put into the expansion slots. For the total design, it is of interest to determine whether there will be collisions between components on the motherboard and the components of the expansion card.

Possibly the expansion board manufacturer cannot influence the design and the layout of the motherboard. But it is to ascertain that the expansion board fullfills the mechanical requirements of the motherboard manufacturer. As the NEXTRA Multi Board module enables the layout of an electronic circuit on several circuitry carriers, the Multi Design module allows the virtuel mounting and the layout of individual designed NEXTRA layouts that can come from any 2D layout systems. Thereby the individual NEXTRA design remains and can be modified also independent from the board module. In doing so the association to the design module is retained.



Existing methods use the transmission of individual layouts in 3D mechanic CAD systems and the module creation in these systems. An efficient layout adaption is not attainable with this method. Using the NEXTRA Multi Design it is possible for the first time to use the whole layout functionality of PCB layout systems in the context of a module of circuit boards. With the parallel design or the parallel layout of circuit boards it is possible to influence already in the early development phase the involved designs and layouts without the need to create prototypes of the products. Plug-in cards can thus be developed so that no collisions between components of a module occur with the other. Should in the first design intersection problems occur, they can be solved directly in the module without having to leave the tool or access to the individual layout. The permanent association of the circuit boards to the module makes incremental work done efficiently.

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