NEXTRA creepage distance analysis

The NEXTRA module for creepage distance analysis enables the analysis of pcb layouts to comply minimal distances between circuits which are necessary for certifcation of technical and statutory guidelines.The NEXTRA creepage distance analysis module is used for validation of a layout, for verification of technical or statutory guidelines. Especially important becomes the compliance wiht the minimal distances between circuits on high current and high voltage circuits. 2D PCB layout systems don't consider any distances of circuit elements which arise over pcb layers. These restrictions get solved with this module.

NEXTRA Kriechstreckenanalyse

NEXTRA defines the distances between all line segments. By mapping of the line segments to networks and circuits, undercuts can be identified which can pose a technical risk. Presetting of minimum distances enables to locate problematic details and to verify them accurately. Muting of net classes from 2D pcb layout systems automate the definition of current circuits and the fixing of minimal spacings in NEXTRA. 

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