NEXTRA clearance analysis

The NEXTRA module for clearance analysis enables the analysis of pcb layouts and their mechanical environment for compliance of minimal distances between current conducting elements which are necessary for certification of technical and statutory guidelines. The NEXTRA clearance analysis module is used for validation of electromagnetical units for verification of technical and statutory guidelines. Especially the compliance of minimal distances between metallic conducting elements of the housing and current -carrying elements play a major role for high current and high voltage circuits. 2D-PCB layout systems don't consider any distances of circuit elements and mechanical housing elements. These restrictions are resolved by the NEXTRA analysis module clearance from Mecadtron.

NEXTRA Luftstreckenanalyse

NEXTRA defines the spacings between the conducting elements on the printed curcuit board and the housing. By the dedection of conductive elements of the pcb and the controllable level of detail of electronic componants it is possible to identify undercuts which can pose a technical risk. The standard of minimal spacings enables to locate problematic details and to verify them more accurately.
The clearance analysis inside electromechanical units for certain pcbs is technically regulated or by law. For certification of trade-specific requirements, the verification of clearances is given by institutes (e.g. VDE).

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