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Post Processing If a company allways orders the PCBs from the same manufacturer, the required manufacturing data is also allways the same. The FloWare mudule Post Processing offers a feature set to generate the output in allways the same way in OrCAD PCB Editor and Allegro PCB Editor. You can generate sets of output data of existing reports in allways the same order. Before you can run scripts or other SKILL (FloWare) routines to define parameter settings. The configuration will be saved in the database and the output job can created with exactly the same settings. You can define in Post Processing different output jobs and start them individually. The created files can follow a naming convention (Wildcards, Variables and Pattern Tags). 


FloWare Post Processing
FloWare Post Processing
FloWare Post Processing
FloWare Post Processing




  • Automated generation of manufacturing outputs. Hit the button solution many users are asking for
  • Acts as central cockpit from which manufacturing output can be configured. Tasks can be enabled/disabled, added and removed individually
  • Standard functions from PCB Editor
  • Skill procedures (e.g. FloWare)
  • User defined macros. Jobs can be defined which contain a collection of tasks
  • Configuration stored in database
  • Import/Export capabilties for standardizing purposes
  • Context menu provides task editing, Info, Tasks can be added (appended or inserted)
  • User tasks
  • Predefined tasks including arguments. Tasks can be removed if not needed at all


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