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If you want to have reproducable output plots (gerber, drill,...), it makes sense to use allways the same set of documents. Each customer might have different requirements of the content of such a set of plots. It could be possible, that two PCB manufacturer need two different set of plots. The FloWare Module Batchplot for OrCAD and Allegro PCB Editor helps to automize the output generation. With one click of a button a complete set of documents will be gererated in a PDF. The data will be generated using an installed PDF printer (i.e. Adobe Acrobat). 

You can select between one file per document or only one multipage document including all files. The page sequence can be specified per set. The settigs for three complete documentations for PCB manufacturing, assembly and testing will be saved and can be reused on other designs again to generate the same data structure.  

FloWare BatchPlot


  • Full automatic creating of pdf files
  • Onesided or several-sided pdf files
  • Configuration of the shown object by existing views (Color Views and Artwork Views)
  • The sequence is configurable in any order
  • Groups of views can be printed in seperate pdf files
  • Saving and reuse of configuration settings
  • Runs with Adobe Distiller, FreePDF XP and every other PDF writer based on Ghostscript


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