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Please also note our product videos for selected FloWare modules.

By an appropriate configuration OrCAD Capture is able to create an intelligent PDF of each Capture design. Intelligent therefore, because the PDF not only contains the grafic circuit, but also an index about all elements int the design. For example it is possible to have a view about all element attributes of a component. PDF files are searchable and controllable.

For OrCAD/Allegro 16.6 an installer is available which takes the tool configuration for you! In addition to it a new FloWare menu is added in which the command "Export PDF" is done by one single click.

Export PDF

Or by the right mouse button in the project window

pdf Export


That's what the PDF looks like:

intelligentes pdf 

The component caracteristics are indicated automatically by selecting of a component. Details as component number, footprint, limit of tolerance, etc. can so be displayed. Also possible is to navigate through hierachical blocs.

intelligentes pdf


An example of an intelligent PDF document you will find here...


Request the free installer here and create intelligent PDF files even faster! (OrCAD/Allegro 16.6 is required)

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