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In the parts library the text label and reference designators (refdes) are positioned in a commen style. After placing and routing a dense design there is often a conflict with the textposition and rotation used from the library and some manual cleanup is required to make these texts better readable. Labeltune is a post process to clean up the text location and its rotation in OrCAD or Allegro PCB Editor in a parametric and semi-automatic methodology. You can rotate any angle, mirror, center or offset text for the selected component or group of components. The calculation can be referenced to the size of the component boundary.

FloWare LabelTune



  • Better readability of the reference designators
  • Saves a lot of time for creating assembly drawings
  • Automatic rotation of the texts for a uniform reading direction
  • Automatic centering of the texts onto the component
  • Automatic size correction of the texts 
  • Automatic mirroring of the texts according to the specifications
  • Distance rules
  • ... and many more options


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