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With this FloWare module for OrCAD and Allegro PCB Editor you can colorize different nets. This is helpful, when you have high voltages on the PCB and you have to ensure a certain net spacing between several net classes for isolation. When coloring each voltage range in one color, you can visually review your design rules and identify missing or wrong design rule settings. This feature helps you when reviewing a design or need to document the spacing. Support for different shapes: Round, Rectangle, Octagon, Hexagon.

FloWare Coil Designer

FloWare Coil Designer



  • Input of parameters such as width, spacing, number of turns, etc.
  • Rotating, mirroring and scaling
  • Dynamic preview while paramter imput
  • Implementation as a combination of conductor path segments or shape
  • Optional padstack at the beginning and the end
  • Optional generation of route keepouts


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