FloWare XSection Generator

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To document the layer stack up there is a commend in OrCAD PCB Editor and Allegro PCB Editor. But some customers wanted to include more details in the stackup documentation, so the FloWare modul Cross Section Generator was created. This app can create drawings with colors or colored pattern for better readability as PDF and black and white printout. Description of objects can be formated and individually displayed. Proportions of the stackup can be visualized by linear or logarythmic scaling. The FloWare app offers additional features: Via label text Layer names Layer thickness text Layer material Grafic via stackup Different fill pattern Spacing for better readability Linear and log scaling All Values are controlled by paramertes in a GUI.

FloWare Xsection Generator



  • Configuration is stored in the BRD file
  • Update
  • Various fill styles for layer
  • Scaling functions


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