FloWare Variant Assembly

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Please also note our product videos for selected FloWare modules.

Some customers have more requirements to document assembly information which are exceeding the possibilities of PCB Editor. With FloWare Variant Assembly the assembly prints can be designed by individual needs. The content of the assembly drawings can be customized (i.e. RefDes, PartNumber, Tolerance or Value) and printed into geometric objects like Assembly, DFA_Bound, Display, Place_Bound or Silkscreen.Parts which will not be assembled in a variant can be indicated by crossing out the symbol or its text or by removing values or text from the drawing (Draw Cross Graphics, Draw Cross Label, Remove Label or Remove all).Label text can be modified with prefix or suffix. Symbols can be hached for better readibility. Symbols can be colored not only by variant, but also for special parts (i.e. highlight all 0402 parts in blue), when special manufacturing handling is required.

FloWare Variant Assembly



  • Automatic creation of assembly drawings for all existing design variations
  • User-specific content (e.g. reference number, componant value, item number, etc.)
  • User-specific componant outline (Silkscreen, Placebound or Assembly-Drawing)
  • Large configuration options for DNI components (DNI: Do not install)
  • Large configuration options for alternative componants
  • Better readability by automatic mirroring of the text on the bottom layer
  • Configuration paramter controllable via text file 


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