FloWare PCB Library Plot

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During development electrical engineers would like to see which PCB footprints are available in the company’s library. This module will process a complete library and create a PDF document with a graphical representation of all available footprints in OrCAD PCB Editor and Allegro PCB Editor. The graphics will be scaled to fit into a selected template (i.e. 4-up, 6-up, 8-up). In addition to the footprint attributes are added into each field, like: Footprint name, dimensions (PlaceBound, visible), height, pitch, used padstacks, pincount, mechanical pincount, etc. Which attributes are printed is customizable. The add on can run through different libraries.

FloWare PCB Library Plot



  • Grafical documentation of the PCB library
  • Automatic Scaling on the available surface
  • Addtional attributes are shown as text information
  • Template
  • Export to PDF file


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