FloWare Tortoise SVN Integration

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Tortoise SVN is an easy to use version controle software for Microsoft Windows. Tortoise SVN is integrated in Windows Explorer and allows an easy and intuitive operation. Via the FloWare Module Tortoise SVN Integration versions of ORCAD Capture designs can be managed. Tortoise SVN is based on subversion and is developed under the GPL lincense. For that reason each user has to install it by himself and can then use it without restrictions. Tortoise SVN Integration allows the import of an OrCAD or Allegro design without leaving the PCB design environment.

FloWare Modul Tortoise SVN Integration
FloWare Tortoise SVN Integration


The whole directory is imported in SVN. Given that Tortoise SVN integrates in Windows Explorer it is also possible to import files which have not been created with OrCAD or Allegro (e.g. PDF data sheets, Word specifications or other documents).


  • Import of an OrCAD or Allegro desgin in SVN                               
  • Commit
  • Load the latest project version from the server
  • View the log-file
  • Checkout a directory
  • Lock / unlock a project
  • Each command is directly available in the tools OrCAD / Allegro    
  • Import of the whole directory                                                     
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