EDA Builder

EDABuilder has the capability to extract data from PDF data sheets and to generate with these data schematic symbols, PCB footprints and 3D STEP models and in doing so minimize manual interventions. The data can be output for different PCB layout systems. The PCB footprint generation supports all SMT designs according to the directive IPC-7351 and common plated-through designs to which in each case also a 3D model can be generated. Therefore you can avoid transposed digits and tiping errors and create a consistent in itself component library. The data can be saved in the software according to the IPC design directives. It is also possible to create quickly variants or related products from existing parts. EDABuilder reduces significantly the time for creation of PCB component library elements. 

EDA Builder

3D STEP Model Automation

The rule based tool creates from data sheet specifications the PCB footprint and the 3D STEP model. Though data can be input conform to the norm IPC-7351 or as recommended by the component manufacturer. The mechanical dimensions are entered via the same forms and the front and side view is displayed.EDA Builder

The mapping and scaling is done automatically  in a 3D template depending on component type. These templates allow the simple capture of important details. The 3D STEP models can directly be imported in mechanical CAD tools to add textures and company-specific attributes.

They also can directly be exported for the Allegro or OrCAD PCB Editor. Here the values for offset, origin an alignment are automatically assigned.
EDA Builder
EDA-Builder is able to read directly a set of schematic symbols from other EDA manufactuers. So old libraries can be taken and be checked for consistency.
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