Doctar is a software to compare two PCB netlists. Enter the path name for the two netlists and let the routine run. The result is an Excel or HTML report, where you can see the following changes or differences in the designs:
  • Missing, added or changed components
  • Modified Package values and tolerances
  • Changed, renamed or renumbered pinouts
  • x/y component shifts
  • Missing or shifted test points
  • Changed connection logic

Doctar is delivered in two configuration options. The small version supports the following netlists:

  • OrCAD Capture
  • OrCAD Layout
  • Viewlogic
  • PowerPCB
  • P-CAD
  • Gencad

The large version in addition to the small version also supports the following netlists:

  • Allegro Design Entry HDL (Concept HDL)
  • Allegro PCB Editor
  • BoardStation
  • Expedition

Summarized System:


Detailed Report:


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