MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)


With CareMTBF the values for MTBF calculation based on a seperatet bill of material and the delivered models can be extracted and a simulation of the MTBF be done. The result is e.g. a MTBF curve that gives information about the failure probability in dependence on the temperature. MTBF is basically a probability prognosis about the failure probability of a module or a product between two failures. This failure probability is obtained essentially of life tests and field experiences. A possibility to dtermine the MTBF is the Partcount Method. Thereto knowledge of the used components are necessary. n standards so-called failure probabilities (FIT, Failure in Time) exist for many components. The MTBF is then given by the inverse of the whole module of the FIT. The whole fit of a module/unit is the sum of all individual FITs.


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