FMEA & FMECA (Failure Mode Effects + Criticality Analysis)


FMEA and FMECA are analytical methods for the reliability calculation to find potential weak points in systems. In the quality management the FMEA is preventively  used to avoid failures and to enhance the technical reliability. The FMEA is especially used in the design and development phases of new products or processes and can give in advance information about the serial production. The FMECA is an enhanced FMEA for the analysis and the evaluation of the failure probability and the damage to be expected.

The FMECA implementation gives tips how to optimize the technical design and the reliability. The result is a systematic description of occuring failure rates of individual components and the impact on a complete system. With CareFMEA and CareFMECA the components can be located that influence the function of the module, and optimizations can be seen.

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