ANSYS Multiphysics-Simulation

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ANSYS is the leading provider of simulation software for a wide range of physical challenges. This solution is perfectly suited to comprehensively simulate complex influences in electronic devices. In addition to the electronic simulation of printed circuit boards with 3D full-wave solvers, the simulation of antennas and mechanical components is very extensive.

ANSYS Multiphysics-Simulation

ANSYS Software offers an analysis for multiphysics and system simulation, which also considers the interaction of different effects in a simulation. Antennas for IoT applications with more than one transmission and reception frequency can thus be dimensioned and optimized on the PCB. From the electronics to the electric motor, motor controls can be completely modeled and analysed.

ANSYS is a leader in numerical simulation in product development of the eCAD and mCAD sectors. As a new distribution partner of ANSYS, FlowCAD focuses on the solutions around the PCB: from signal integrity to power integrity, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radiation to the dimensioning of electromechanical drives. The ANSYS products are a useful addition to all classic PCB design tools.   


Elektronic Simulation


ANSYS' multi-domain simulation of electromagnetic field, circuit, system and multi-physics applications offers complete automation of simulation processes. This allows better insights into the behavior of the designs and thus an early optimization without physical prototypes.

Complementing the PCB design software of almost all manufacturers such as Altium®, Cadence®, Mentor® or Zuken® ANSYS offers comprehensive simulation solutions for the following application areas:

  • Antennas
  • Electric motors
  • Cooling for electronics
  • Low frequency electric fieldsr
  • Power Electronics
  • Power-Integrity
  • RF and microwave technology
  • Signal Integrity



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