Allegro PCB Librarian

In the library the symbols for the schematic as well as the physical mesurements (footprints) of the components are saved. A logical symbol can have several designs of different footprints. In the library the different change statuses and the versions are managed.

Import and export of components

With complex components the effort to create a componant manually encreases dramatically. Allegro PCB Librarian offers the possibility to import various data formats or also to copy data directely from PDF data sheets and so slash the time for creating of a new componant. Importing leads to fewer errors in the description of the components caused by typewriting in case of manual creating.

Daten Import

Create a symbol

The librarian sees in his graphic editor, how the electrical symbol appears later on the schematic. Components are quickly generated with the aid of wizards and can be easily adapted to company-specific standards and verified automatically.

Creating footprints

By dint of wizards even complex BGA housings are created fast and conveniently. By assigning the different pads, differences can also here be quickly realized within a component. The grafic editor enables the visual control of the footprints how they will be used later in the PCB layout.


Before the librarian approves a component for use in the company he can check, controled by a client-specific flow if all footprint variants cooperate properly with the icon. Each modification in the component is logged and can run through a program-based approval process.
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