Allegro PCB Router Auto Interactive Option

Given that the SPECCTRA Router is now integrated in the Allegro PCB Editor it is called Allegro PCB Router and can be started via the surface of the PCB Editor. With the Allegro PCB Routing Option the extensive functions of the router, that are already included in the PCB Editor, are enhanced once again. With this option the layers used by the router are enhanced from 6 signal layers to 256 layers (so unlimited in practice). It added the possibilities to respect also layer sets. For example a signal may only be routed onto layers that are placed above or below a reference potential or explicitly are placed only on a specific layer. For each layer different widths and distance rules can be defined.

Allegro PCB Routing Option

In vias various definitions can be made as a design rule which will then be respected by the Allegro PCB router when routing the signals.

Technical Details

  • 256 Layer
  • Layer Set Rules and Routing Support
  • Signals on Specific Layers
  • Width and Clearance Rules by Layer
  • Via Rules by Net and/or Net Class 
  • Net and/or Net Class Rules by Layer
  • Crosstalk Violation Report 
  • Trace Length Violation Report
  • Blind and Buried Via Support 
  • Via Under SMD Pad Checking
  • Automatic Wire Bonding Router
  • Plural Vias
  • Stacked Vias
  • Enhanced Via Fanout
  • Automatic Trace Spreading
  • Automatic Via Reduction
  • Automatic Miter 90 to 45
  • Automatic Test Point Generation
  • Test Point Specific Clearance Rules


Allegro PCB Routing Option
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