Employees make the Difference

FlowCAD Team

FlowCAD is the distributor of choice for customers looking for leading technology products for the design of electronic devices, especially electronic circuits, integrated circuits and complete boards. Our products are carefully selected so that they can be integrated into a fully-scalable CAD flow.

At the centre of the supply chain, FlowCAD can offer its customers not only a broad product portfolio but also provides local technical support, training and a wide range of services.

FlowCAD began operations in 2003 with the sale of Cadence FPGA and PCB solutions. In a short time the impressive success of this local sales model for Cadence products became clear and the model was extended to include Cadence´s IC solutions and therefore the whole Cadence product range.

The highly innovative Cadence product lines and the efficient, customer-friendly on-site support given to our customers are just two of our many strengths. Alongside IC, FPGA and PCB solutions from Cadence, we provide an array of software packages from a range of software producers. With these high-performance, innovative tools, you can effectively extend and optimise the eCAD workflow in your company as needed.

From cost-effective, introductory software ideal for the fast design of PCB prototypes and development platforms for circuits with complex design rules to IC design and IC packaging – we support you throughout the realisation of your projects to create highly marketable products.

When you choose FlowCAD, you get an innovative and powerful eCAD solution. But that´s not all: you also get first class support by our technical experts. Our benchmark is the utmost satisfaction of our customers. We are totally committed to a long-term partnership where your needs are at the heart of our business.

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