FloWare Polar Grid

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With the FloWare module Polar Grid polar coordinate systems are quickly generated. Individual entries for start and end angle and the radial and concentric distances allow the creation of a coordinate system with polar arranged coordinate points. Afterwards these coordinate points can be used to place componants radially. The components then snap with their center or orgin at the coordinate points.

FloWare Polar Grid

For the routing a Polar Grid can also be used. Here you can choose, if the wire shall run between two points in the Polar Grid directely or along the lines in the coordinate system. 

The FloWare module ist available for OrCAD and Allegro PCB Editor from Cadence.


Creating the coordinate system

Via a menu in the FloWare module Polar Grid values for start angle, end angle and increment can be indicated in each case radially and for the angle. In addition it is possible to generate a finer division in the raster, which enables an easier navigation between the coordinate points. The polar coordinate system will either be moved with the cursor to its placement on the circuit board or placed directely via entered coordinates.


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