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Manufacturing departments often need a zoomed area of a PCB for a detailed view of a special area. In OrCAD PCB Editor and Allegro PCB Editor you can create such a drawing detail. But the FloWare module Drawing Designer offers more functionality. Details can be created on an additional documentation layer with a defined zoom factor and are allways in synchronization with the electrical layers of the base design. Created details can be rotated or mirrored on documentations layers and the synchronization is done automatically. Settings are stored in the design database and are available when the design was opened. Settings can also be exported for usage in other designs. The menu offers various parameters to create a drawing detail. you can select the target layer, rotation, scale factor, and mirror. Pads can be filled or left unfilled and shapes can be displayed as they were defined in the design, unfilled, or hatched. 

FloWare Drawing Designer



  • Scaling
  • Rotation
  • Automatic updates
  • configuration is saved int the BRD file
  • Import and export of configuration parameters
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