Allegro PCB Design

The Allegro Design Flow offers the flexibility to adapt to the users requirements and to configure corresponding to them. If there is one developer who realizes all on his own, from the schematic to the fabrication documentations, or if there are big teams who share with many other users the tasks cross-company, in the foreground of Allegro is always the efficiency. The goal ever is to create as fast as possible designs with the desired quality.    



The Allegro Flow is based on the re-se of already existing knowhow. On that way you define circuit diagrams or physical footprints only once and save them in a library. In case these elements are used in your designs, they are copied in your design and so a part of it. The modifications are written to the library being controled or stay just as a local modification in the current design.

In the library you can not only store individual componants but also parts of a circuit. Then you place these circuit modules full routed in the design. Also tested design rules are stored as standard rate in the library. By the sort of reuse you save time and guarantee a constant quality of your products. 

Another attribute of the Allegro Flow is the hierachical structure of schematics, design rules or component stuctures. Also in this case Allegro takes the approach, that it is possible to define informations once in a central place and then to write tightly focused the parameters in deeper hierarchical layers. In doing so all caracteristics of an electric circuit can be quickly and exactely defined and managed clearly. The individual Allegro modules are scalable in their function. Various options encrease in addition the efficiency.  

The configuration levels are controlled by different licenses. It is possible to enhance the function of a module by a simple change of the license without closing the design. From the commercial view you have the possbility to buy the licenses and to rent in short terme additional respectively rarely used options via an eDA-card. Therefore it is possible to use the complete function volume of the Allegro platform with an optimized budget.

Since over than 20 years Allegro uses the same technology of the internal design data management and is still until today as unique EDA tool manufacturer in the position, to read the archived design data into the current Allegro versions. The Allegro upward compatibility thus protects the investment once occured in a PCB design software, because data can be reused without conversion. 

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