Allegro PCB Design Planning Option

If the signal nets were combined into bundles in functional groups in Allegro PCB Designer, these bundles can be used for furhter routing plannings. With the Allegro PCB Design Planning Option two other planning steps can be realized: "Plan Spatial" and "Plan Topological". Plan Spatial makes a feasability analysis which tests if a routing is principally possible and if there is enough space available. As a result there is a status report and visual feedback.Plan Topological is a more detailed cross-free feasability analysis which varifies, if the design would be realizable with all the design rules. They allready contain an optimisation by 45° routing. The planned line systems can be converted, without delay-tune, into real clines and be postprocessed by hand.    


This video explains the function AIBT (Autointeractive BreakOut Technology).

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