Sigrity T2B

Sigrity Transistor-to-Behavioral (T2B) model conversion enables accurate system-level simulation and is now essential due to the rapid advance of high-speed interface technologies. Time-consuming transistor-level simulation and inaccurate traditional IBIS model simulation fail to measure up in simulations such as SSO studies where power delivery effects play a crucial role.

Sigrity T2B

The T2B solution converts models from transistor to behavioral, enabling accurate and efficient full bus simulations in hours instead of days. It outputs models in IBIS 3.2, 4.2, and 5.0 formats as well as in an accuracy-enhanced Sigrity behavioral model format. Power-aware behavioral driver models generated by Sigrity T2B maximize accuracy and support highly efficient simulations using Sigrity SPEED2000 and SystemSI technology, or other compatible simulators such as HSPICE.
Sigrity T2B


  • Converts transistor driver models into highly accurate behavioral models
  • Automatically generates IBIS 3.2, 4.2, or 5.0 models as well as new accuracy-enhanced models
  • Dramatically improves chip/system co-simulation efficiency and capacity
  • Identifies the root cause of SI/PI issues and verifies fixes
  • Produces models for full bus simulations with Sigrity SystemSI or SPEED2000
  • Improves accuracy of results in flows that use HSPICE and third-party simulators
  • Verifies behavioral model accuracy vs. the original transistor model with an included time domain simulation wizard
  • Enables practical co-simulation flows that include broadband chip-package-board models


  • The industry’s only automated conversion approach to generate IBIS 5.0 power-aware models
  • Part of a globally supported SI/PI simulation product family
  • Accuracy checks are included as part of the model conversion process
  • Highly automated and easy to use for those familiar with available IBIS model formats
  • All IBIS BIRD95/BIRD98 power-aware effects are included
  • Full bus simulations, which would take weeks otherwise, are practical
  • Streamlined flow for Sigrity SPEED2000 and SystemSI users

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