Allegro Sigrity Package Option

The Allegro Sigrity Package Assessment and Extraction Option can extract structures and topologies directly from the IC Package data base. Afterwards wide simulations and analyses can be made and a virtuel prototype of the IC package created. So necessary compromises (trade off) in the design process can be made. A graphical simulator/editor enables the comparison of different electrical routing strategies, the optimization of design rules and the development of S-parameter models. With this option also IR-Drop values in connexion to parameters can be verified from the Encounter Power System (EPS).

Allegro Sigrity Package Option 


  • Streamlines virtual prototyping, interconnect exploration, analysis, and modeling
  • Performs topology editing and solution space exploration with SigXplorer
  • Determines the best substrate options early in the design cycle
  • Includes SPICE-based simulation
  • Integrated with Cadence XtractIM for package extraction and assessment
  • Supports integration of 3D field solvers from third parties
  • Provides hierarchical constraint management
  • Enables virtual substrate editing and post-layout debugging


Overview of the Allegro Sigrity Products:

Allegro Sigrity

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