Sigrity Broadband SPICE

Sigrity Broadband SPICE technology performs S-parameter checking and model tuning, accurately converting network parameters to SPICE-equivalent circuits. It provides a passive compact circuit model while maintaining accuracy for efficient transient simulations in HSPICE, or other SPICE-compatible circuit simulators, including the Sigrity SPEED2000 time-domain simulator.

Sigrity Broadband SPICE

Broadband SPICE accepts network parameters such as the scattering, impedance, or admittance (S, Z, or Y) parameters of N-port passive networks from Touchstone files and from the more compact Cadence® Broadband Network Parameter (BNP) format. The compact black-box models created by Broadband SPICE offer excellent convergence.

Sigrity Broadband SPICE


  • Creates SPICE-equivalent circuits from network parameters
  • Bridges frequency and time domains
  • Generates models for DC through broadband frequencies
  • Extracts network models with multiple resonance points
  • Models a broad range of structures including IC packages, RF components, PCBs, cables, and connectors
  • Assesses real-world situations such as parallel traces traversing a split plane, spiral inductors, and return path discontinuities
  • Generates a very high order, but numerically stable, model for complex network responses
  • Enables analysis of PI/SI issues such as what-if optimization of power delivery system performance and simultaneous switching output simulation


  • Easy touch-button model creation for use with HSPICE and general SPICE simulators
  • Simplified use of S-parameter data reduces simulation issues and accelerates transient simulation runtimes
  • Accurate and compact model creation improves SPICE simulation convergence and speed
  • Rigorous passivity enforcement assured by automated techniques along with interactive user review and control
  • Automatic determination of topology and circuit order based on network parameter curve complexity
  • Flexible to support flows where the target simulator may vary and where models are provided to others
  • Supports both Touchstone files and the more compact Cadence BNP format


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