Model Based Safety and System Engineering Day

ANSYS and FlowCAD cordially invite you to the Model Based Safety and System Engineering Day on April 2, 2019 in Bern.

Over past decades software has become a dominant and critical part of many components also used within safety relevant applications like Transportation, Nuclear Energy, Aerospace, Defense, Medical and Automotive. However, rapid growing software complexity made the system architecture more bulky and complicated. A Model Based Design Workflow (eg “V- Model”) was the common answer of the industry to facilitate the design and functional verification on architectural and model level followed by subsequent automated code generation and retesting at each stage of the development phase.

Design and verification against software safety standards has become a must to meet requirements in constructing safe and reliable systems for above mentioned markets. Once software safety standards as DO-178B/C, EN 50128, ISO 26262, IEC 61508 are properly obeyed by the developer, the risk of disaster can be reduced although for areas like Automated Vehicles even rules beyond the guidelines need to get applied.

Functional Safety Day

This seminar day features the Functional Safety tools from ANSYS which have been proven to dramatically reduce efforts of verification within safety development cycles. The technologies being discussed comprise ANSYS SCADEANSYS Twin Builder as well as ANSYS Medini Analyze. The tools are getting discussed and demonstrated within safety workflows. Interfacing to requirement management systems, import of existing code or models from other formats (eg. Simulink) will be addressed during the sessions. There will also be shown methods to address Cyber Security threats.

The seminar is intended for safety engineers, project managers and all developers of hard- and software components who need to obey safety standards and certification guidelines within their work environment and want to increase efficiency in design and verification.


08:30 – 09:00  

Welcome & Reception

09:00 – 09:15

Overview of the ANSYS platform

  • From Model based System engineering to Code development
  • Model based Safety
  • System Verification and Digital Twin for Safety Applications

09:15 – 10:00

Model based system engineering in different safety market domains

  • MBSE for Cars, Trains , Chips and Airplanes
  • Support for AUTOSAR, AADL and FACE

10:00 – 10:30

Bio Break and Networking

10:30 – 11:15

From System Model to Functional Safety Concept

  • Initial Architecture, HAZOP , Function Model
  • HARA, Safety goals and Requirements management
  • Reliability Analysis (according to IEC6230, SN29500, Mil 217+, FIDES, etc.) FMEDA, FTA, FMEA

11:15 – 12:00

Identifying Cyber Security Threats with medini analyze

  • Attack Trees
  • Thread Analysis
  • Cyber Security Concept

12:00 – 13:00

Lunch and Networking

13:00 – 13:45

Embedded Code Creation for safety critical software

  • Model in the loop
  • Scade language
  • C, C++
  • Requirements integration

13:45 – 14:30

Rapid Prototyping and Testing

  • Connecting graphical elemts
  • Test Coverage
  • Test Verification
  • Monkey Test

14:30 – 15:00

Bio Break and Networking

15:00 – 15:45

Human Machine Interface based on SCADE Model

  • Designing graphical interface software for Safety Applications
  • Model and interface connection

15:45 – 16:30

Digital Twin as catalyst for your safety development

  • Predicitve maintence
  • Sotftware and Hardware gap analysis
  • Safety Verification based on simulation

16:30 – 16:45

Closing Remarks



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