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Snap Generator

In any layout design, an important issue is creating or modifying geometric elements like polygons, lines etc. in conjunction with intersections of lines, arcs or reference points like the center point of a line, the start and end point of an arc or a subdivision point. Allegro PCB Editor and OrCAD PCB Editor provide to the designer many graphical interactive functions like Add - Line, Add - Arc, Add - Circle, Add - Shape etc. and editing functions like Edit - Shape, Edit - Vertex, Edit - Move, Edit - Copy ... or placement commands.

Currently Allegro PCB Editor provides only three methods for entering coordinates:

  • Mouse click to mark the coordinate anywhere in the design window
  • Snap to a grid point
  • XY coordinates entered by keyboard (absolute and relative to last pick)

Snap Generator is a FloWare toolkit and offers the option to snap to an existing graphical entity when using native Allegro PCB Editor commands.

Snap Generator

By selecting the graphical elements in PCB Editor you can calculate SNAPs on intersections, extended intersections, end points, and center points for these elements. The SNAPs will be marked with special identifiers like "E1" for the first end point. In a second step it is easy to use these exact coordinates of SNAPs. If you can enter in any PCB Editor command coordinates, you can alternatively click on the SNAP in the list and the exact coordinates will be used.

Snap Generator



  • Creates snap points for standard PCB Editor commands
  • Graphical entity in PCB Editor
  • Snap point types
    - Intersection, extended intersection
    - Endpoints, center points, origins
    - Subdivision points (e.g. divide circle by 5)
  • Stored in database
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